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We EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox sustain

World Friends Insieme negli slum
Mondo in Cammino Onlus
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Banjuka Kids, EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox, World Friends

The birth of our solidarity project


In March 2016 we brought our music show in Nairobi, Kenya, thanks to a

collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In those days we have known the true reality of the Kenyan capital:

a strong contradiction between extreme luxury on one hand and absolute poverty on the other.

One day we went to visit Sacred Heart Catholic School in Babadogo slum,

and we met the Italian non-profit organization World Friends;

we experienced first-hand what World Friends does, every day,

to improve the quality of life in Nairobi's slums, with dozens of projects,

including Banjuka Music and Dance School, a beautiful place where kids can find

a way out of the streets and grow artistically, personally and culturally.

We've been there, we watched them perform and express themselves, and we want to help them.

That's the reason we decided to create our solidarity project

"A Dime for Their Jukebox - Un Soldino per il Loro Jukebox",

and this dime symbolizes hope, knowledge and future.

Visit the web site, discover Banjuka!

We performed for them, too... Watch the video!


Do you want to help World Friends?

Visit their web site here and discover how to do that, with donations, by shopping or by buying their beautiful bonbonnières and souvenirs for your party.

Mondo In Cammino non-profit Organization

Mondo In Cammino Onlus

In 2017, we've known the Italian non-profit organization Mondo In Cammino,

a volunteer organization founded in September 15th, 2005.

After the first interventions aimed especially to the Post-Soviet situation, Mondo In Cammino expanded its operations to other geographic areas, including Italy.

In 2008, it has been honored with the National Peace Award "Giuseppe Dossetti".

The guidelines of this organization are enclosed in these two sentences:

"Volunteering made with the feet" and "There can't be solidarity without respect of human rights".

Among the projects made and in progress: hospitality of Chernobyl children, of Beslan children,

of the young victims of mines in Chechnya,

inter ethnic and inter religious hospitality of North Caucasus kids,

inter ethnic and inter religious reconciliation projects for young people in Chechnya,

an aid campaign to support people hit by the earthquake in Emilia

and the people hit by the flood in Sardegna,

a program to help with healthy food the region hit by Chernobyl fallout,

the support to the meal center for the poor managed by the Franciscan monks in Torino

and the campaign for a more democratic communication and information

called "Dar voce alle voci - give voice to the voices".


In 2018 we started a partnership with Mondo In Cammino, to help with our music show,

in our little way, their projects.


In September 2018 we'll play our show in 4 concerts in some villages near Chernobyl:

- 21/09 - Ivankov;

- 22/09 - Borodjanka;

- 23/09 - Vishgorod;

- 24/09 - Radinka.


During 2018 summer we'll collect money in our shows,

from the people who'll want to contribute and donate;

in September we'll bring that money to Mondo In Cammino

to help them sustain the villages hit by Chernobyl's fallout.


Here's the project page!


To discover more and contribute yourself

visit the web site


EasyPop - Roma - Italy


+39 346-74.97.148



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