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EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox®

The History of Jukebox

EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox®

EasyPop - The History of Jukebox (La Storia del Jukebox)®

Our show

The wonderful, colourful Jukeboxes: all you needed was a coin and the desire to have fun.

Our show takes you on a fantastic journey down memory lane and back through the passage of time.

On the photos you can see our jukebox; hand made by us, its name is Pop-O-Matic - Mod. 1001, and

it's the one and only existing Road Jukebox.

It contains 64 song titles, freely selectable through a button panel. The songs are the most beautiful of the 50s, the 60s, the 70s and the 80s, Italian and international songs, between great classics and less known songs, without exclusion of genres and rhythms.

But there's no vinyl record in the jukebox; instead, we play those songs live! You choose your favourite song and, between a story and an anecdote, we play it live.

EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox®

Our concept - why "The History of Jukebox”?

Because jukeboxes represents the part of music history linked to people's lives and emotions, beautiful artworks that had the power to give people fun and cheerfulness, playing the most beautiful records, with all their lights and colour effects; they gave to all people a simple, pure way to have fun, as a lot of people didn't even have the possibility to listen to music at home. Jukeboxes meant culture for everyone.

They played a very important role in people's socialization.

Our goal is to let people experience once again those lost feelings, playing like 60s bands did, telling stories about their songs and about that magic music era.

We want you to enjoy once again the feeling of dancing and having fun in front of a jukebox, just in the way it used to be in the old times, when all you had to do to have a great time was insert a little coin..

EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox®

Live with us the magic of Jukebox!

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EasyPop - Roma - Italy


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