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International Music Show

EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox®

The History of Jukebox

Are you planning an event? Looking for a unique music show? You are in the right place.

Here are all the reasons to plan your event with us.

We're going to bring you in a journey through time,

to make you once again enjoy the feeling of dancing and having fun in front of a jukebox,

the way it used to be in the old times.

EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox
EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox

You're going to experience a

unique, exceptional show,

something we are the only ones to offer.

You will count on the professionalism

of highly experienced musicians.

EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox

Our repertoire is huge!

64 selections only on our jukebox,

let alone the dozens out of it.

EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox

Are you about to get married?

Our show will give you and your guests an

unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience.

EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox
EasyPop - La Storia del Jukebox

We bring with us, in Italy and in the world,

the beauty of Italian Culture, and an extraordinary international repertoire.

The list of events you can plan with us is actually endless:

Vintage and retrò parties,

vintage cars and motorbikes meetings,

beach parties around our Jukebox,

corporate and business conventions,

hotel and restaurant dinners,

weddings, anniversaries, birthdays...

...and every occasion in which you'll want to

live with us the magic of Jukebox.

EasyPop - Roma - Italy

Tel: +39 346-74.97.148

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