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In 2018 we planned with Italian non profit organization Mondo In Cammino the project

"Basta Una Canzone - Live concerts in Chernobyl"

This project saw the light after many months of planning, in September 2018 in Ukraine, by doing 5 concerts in the - still - contaminated villages of the territories near Chernobyl's nuclear plant. Those territories are still radioactive and will be for a long, long time, since the accident in 1986.

It has been a unique event, as we are the first band in history to have planned a tour of concerts in Chernobyl, for Chernobyl.

The first step made by this project, which aims to involve people and create feelings of empathy, create and share mutual trust, connections and awareness, spread by music and culture. More of these concerts are to be planned in the future.

During 2018's summer, in our shows, we've collected the money of the people who decided to donate for Mondo In Cammino to help them with their essential work, guaranteeing clean food in the schools and medical care.

We keep doing that, in all our shows. If you want to sustain Mondo In Cammino by becoming a member, or by donating, click here:

To discover more visit

"Le Iene" talked about Chernobyl and Mondo In Cammino, too.

See the report here!

In 2018's summer we wrote a song for Mondo In Cammino, "Basta Una Canzone"; it became the association's anthem!

Listen here:

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